Uttam K. Majumder:

PURDUE University

Current Plan: Jan 2011

Plans of Study: Jan 26, 2011

Draft Research Topic Generation: Jan 2011

SAR Signal Processing Tutorial: IEEE Radar Conference, 2010 (Washington DC, USA). Presented by Mr. Uttam Majumder (AFRL Sensors Directorate) and Dr. Mehrdad Soumekh (Soumekh Consulting)

SAR GMTI Presentation: IEEE Radar Conference 2010

MS Thesis:: "Point Spread Function Characterization of a Radially Displaced Scatterer Using Circular Synthetic Aperture Radar"


MIMO Tutorial: May, 2010 (M. Greenspan)
SAR Phase Coded Waveform: Paper 1
SAR Phase Coded Waveform: Paper 2
SAR Phase Coded Waveform: Paper 3

MISO Thesis (Bryant)

MIMO SAR Waveform
SAR Paper (CARL WILEY, AES 1985)
LFM Waveform
Target Detection

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